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How GOOD and how PLEASANT it is for brethren to dwell together in unity

Psalm 133:1

Be Not Deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners 1 Corinthians 15:33

Stay Tuned for our Righteous Relationships Segment #GracefullyKept #Friendships #Relationships #GodlyRelations #GracefullyOpenSeg #GKVlog

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WORD PRESS Family… Tune in to our very first “Gracefully Open” Segment.

➡️ Sherika Cohens, Founder/ Host

➡️ Debra Tucker, GK Contributor / Co-Host


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Sexual activity is rapidly increasing, from infidelity, to random sexual acts, and promiscuity has become extremely popular.

Honestly, sex is part of God’s design in a marriage and sex shouldn’t be viewed as something evil unless taken out of its original purpose.

Once mankind grasps the understanding that sex does in fact have parameters, we could avoid destructive consequences. This Friday we are releasing our “Gracefully Open” segment about Promiscuity, it’s triggers and how to refrain from promiscuous behavior. Tune In!‼️ #GracefullyKept

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