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Hello Grace Family.

October 1st you’ll get to read an awesome, deep rooted, emotional story of Debra’s life that gracefully turned into her being VICTORIOUS over issues that she thought she’d never be able to discuss publicly.

Stay tuned for this amazing interview. View snippet below 😍

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I am excited to be featuring my brand new blog spot  “GRACEFULLY KEPT”.  I will be featuring several women and men to share life’s happiness along with life’s tragedies.  I hope you  all jump on board, as it will be pretty exciting!

The month of October I will be featuring 4 amazing ladies and their personal stories of triumph after being pregnant out of wedlock, while in the church.  We will discuss pre-marital sex, abortion, miscarriages, promiscuity and a host of other issues that may seem taboo in the church.

STAY TUNED! – official release date will be October 1st. 2018. 

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