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About US

Our Mission

Gracefully Kept is an outreach ministry offering spiritual guidance and development strategies to encourage, comfort and enlighten individuals struggling through life's ups and downs with the power of God's Keeping Grace.

We believe that no matter how blemished one's past is, God has provided power through His GRACE to cover our weakness.

GK has been commissioned to empower victims of abuse and addictions by mentoring with a spiritual approach to healing.

GK Founder

Sherika Cohens, Executive Director

Sherika Cohens, a proud native of Charlotte, North Carolina, whose journey is shaped by the incredible influence of her parents, Felix and Tracy Cohens, instilling in her both boldness and a strong work ethic. Known affectionately as "Mommy" by her two beautiful daughters, Sherika wears multiple hats with grace and determination.

In her spiritual role, Sherika serves as a Pastoral Care leader at The Praising Place Church, contributing to the spiritual well-being of the church community. On the professional front, she brings her expertise as a Program & Project Manager of Patient Affordability and Client Services for a Pharmaceutical Consulting Company. Currently pursuing a BA in Urban Ministries/Christian Counseling, Sherika is dedicated to both her personal and professional growth.

In October 2018, Sherika embarked on an inspiring journey by launching her ministry, "Gracefully Kept." Her life is a testament to the transformative power of God's Grace, motivating her to be an advocate for victims and a living testimonial for those wrestling with addictions and failures. Sherika draws from her own experiences, including having two children out of wedlock, to demonstrate that struggles can turn into triumphs through an understanding of God's available grace, leading to healing, wholeness, and purpose.

Sherika declares, "I live daily knowing that Jesus was born to die and cover all the things I was struggling with. God saw my circumstance and still chose to keep me. I Am Gracefully Kept!" Join her in this journey of faith, resilience, and purposeful living.

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"God saw my circumstance and still chose to keep me. I Am Gracefully Kept!”
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Associate Director

Sasha Cohens

Sasha Cohens is from Youngstown, Ohio but spent much of her formative years in Killeen, Texas. In 2010, Sasha made Charlotte her home, where she later pursued her studies in Fashion Marketing and Management at The Art Institute of Charlotte.

Currently, Sasha thrives as a Mortgage Professional while being an active member of The Praising Place Church. At the church, she lends her talents to the Praise and Worship Team, contributing to the spiritual vibrancy of the community. Beyond her professional and church engagements, Sasha indulges in creative pursuits such as crafts, sewing, and painting.

A source of immense joy for Sasha is her marriage to a loving husband, and together, they are proud parents to two amazing children.

Director of Program Development

Leatrice Tucker 

Leatrice, a devoted wife and mother whose passion for helping others is woven into the fabric of her life. Raised with godly parents, her core values were nurtured, shaping the remarkable individual she is today.

For over a decade, Leatrice has been a dedicated member of The Praising Place, where she serves as a vital part of the ministry. From lending her melodious voice to the worship team to taking on the role of a Young Adult Pastor, her commitment to spiritual leadership shines through.

In the corporate arena, Leatrice brings her skills to the forefront as she manages her complaints team in wide transfers, boasting a decade of experience in the banking industry.

While professional pursuits are significant, Leatrice takes the greatest pride in devoting time to her son and cherishing moments of relaxation with her family. Join Leatrice on her journey, where she balances her roles as a spiritual leader, corporate professional, and loving family member.

Our Mission
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Life Development Advisor

Danielle Little

Pastor Danielle Little, born in Augusta, Georgia, and raised in Charlotte, NC by her parents, Pastor John and Vicki Haynes. She is a devoted servant of God with a multifaceted narrative of faith and grace. Licensed in 2009 as a Minister and ordained as Pastor in 2016, she authentically shares her testimony while leading in ministry.

Balancing spiritual leadership with a career in affordable housing compliance, Danielle's commitment reflects her compassionate heart and dedication to making a tangible impact nationwide. Married to Treyson Little, and with a growing family, they embody love, unity, and service to others.

Currently residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, Pastor Danielle actively leads at All Nations Worship Assembly Charlotte, emphasizing that faith extends beyond the sanctuary, influencing every facet of life. Her journey exemplifies the transformative power of love and service, leaving an indelible mark on the lives she touches.

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