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Dear Single Mama

Dear Single Mama!

By: Sherika Cohens

Hey Girl… I am you and you are me,OH… and I understand!

Single mama, pulling majority of the weight whether it be physically, emotionally or financial stability- on a consistent basis. SIS, I know it isn’t the easiest battle to fight, so don’t. God is here to lend a helping hand.

Being a single mother you’re the chef, the Uber driver, the disciplinarian, comforter, the ATM(lol), and ultimately the decision maker. You must wake up every day with a full task list, getting them dressed, tucking them in at night, cleaning up the toys, assisting with homework, keeping up with their growing bodies and clothing them.  Doing it every day, over and over again- by YOURSELF. It isn’t that you deserve special treatment, but you mam’ are a SUPER HERO. Why? Because you do it ALONE. And no, we are NOT victims, but we are STRONG. We must be financially stable, secure at ALL times, with little to no breathers. We’re often misunderstood- Explaining our positions (sigh). “No, I am not declining your invitation because I don’t want to be there nor am I acting funny, I am just really BUSY being mommy and I legit don’t have a sitter and even if I do- I rather catch up on sleep than hang out- please forgive me”.

So, to the hard-working single mama, keep pushing- keep going. You are doing it and you can KEEP doing it. Lean to God when you’re not understanding (Proverbs 3:3-6). The mountain of responsibility that you hold sometimes isolates you from the world around you- find comfort in Jesus. Please don’t feel guilty for not always getting it right. Even if being a single mother was the consequence of making bad decisions- it happened, we’re passed it now so let’s be a great example to these babies and trust God to fill every void or gap -if it be financial, emotional or even provision. Dear Single Mama- you’re a winner, you will not fail. God is Gracefully Keeping you through every part of what was supposed to be a two-person job. Cleave to Jesus and you will be KEPT. #GracefullyKept

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