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Men and Women were created to compliment each other, not the same sex. There are many factors that can lead someone to believe they should experience the opposite sex. Some examples include, molestation, sexual immortality and abuse.

The enemy will also deceive you into believing that you were born this way because you lived most of your life as a homosexual( There is no scientific evidence of a homosexual gene).

After 19 long years of living her life as a homosexual, Brittney Banks was transformed from her sinful lifestyle. Please watch this video of her dynamic testament of God’s Grace that literally covered her.
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We can speak truth in LOVE. Homosexuality isn’t greater than any other sin. It’s like any other sin that will eventually bring forth death. It’s sin, God views it all the same. You are no better If your sin is being a liar.

However, God can transform anything and anybody. We do not have to accept the “I was born this way” mentality.

Stay tuned for my next to Vlog post. You’re going to get to see God and His transformation of one dope individual!

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As believers let us be known for the way we LOVE. our ability to stand on TRUTH all while extending GRACE.

God loves you and guess what? I DO TOO! It should be our desire to LOVE THEM OUT OF THEIR SIN! Let’s rebuke the SIN(There’s blood to cover that).

You can be free, you can be delivered, you can be healed.

John 1:17 tells us that the law was given but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

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